Red Deer Voters, here are some initiatives that have been decisions and results of the 2013-2017 City of Red Deer Council and I've also shared ideas and vision I would bring to the next Council.

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AS ONE OF YOUR EIGHT CITY COUNCILLORS THIS PAST TERM, 2013-2017, AN OVERVIEW OF CITY COUNCIL ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND DECISIONS as we made decisions to advance our Red Deer community (no particular order):

  • Riverlands development decisions - all adding vibrancy to our downtown;  looking to attract more business to the community, providing public spaces close to the river, looking to attract new housing development
  • Canada Winter Games support with improvement to public amenities and with community and volunteer engagement leading up to 2019
  • signing the Urban Aboriginal Voices protocol and focus to the City of Red Deer's relationship with our indigenous community
  • Roundabouts... like them or not... they do move traffic with less idling at lights.  A reminder to signal when driving in a roundabout.
  • New QEII alignment (a regional and City of Red Deer priority) which is bringing a new entrance and south gateway, welcoming everyone to Red Deer
  • Growth decisions in the north including Hazlett Lake in the major area structure plan 
  • Annual Policing Plan and prioritizing policing needs with the RCMP
  • Protective Services Division with safety of our community and coordination of  emergency services of fire and paramedic response and municipal peace and bylaw officers
  • Social Policy Framework to guide and focus Council and City administration with a social lens of our community and decisions
  • Annual review of snow and ice policy and learning from each snow season with a focus on sidewalks, transit routes, and standards on our streets
  • Investment in clean, green transit with the addition of 10 new compressed natural gas buses including four paratransit buses, new system-wide intelligent location technology, and adding rural transit initiatives with our central Alberta communities 
  • Expanding plastic recyclables collection of the City's Blue Box Program
  • Pilot experience and decision to bring the automated CART system to collect recyclables, compost and landfill waste, along with more education and awareness 
  • Character statements approval for Red Deer neighborhood planning
  • Regional partnership focus with the Red Deer Airport (YQF) and regional water and waste water partnerships 
  • School District partnerships and working relationships bringing Red Deer Royals permanent space at St.  Joe's High School
  • Celebrating in 2014 with the Ecole la Prairie francophone school at their new school
  • Partnership with Red Deer College and City support for the Gary Harris Sport and Wellness Centre which will be a welcoming space for the Canada Winter Games 2019
  • Community relationships with agencies such as the Central Alberta Poverty Reduction Alliance (CAPRA) with important conversations of ways and supports to reduce poverty in our community, noting that 15% of Red Deer citizens live in poverty
  • Increased funding for the Community Culture Development fund which provides funds for community groups staging major events and programs
  • Partnership and ongoing conversations with Westerner Park, the Chamber of Commerce, the Downtown Business Association, Red Deer College, Tourism Red Deer, Red Deer Airport and the Central Alberta Economic Partnership (CAEP); all to bring added value to our planning and decision making
  • Advocacy with the provincial order of government including success with keeping Michener Centre open (a decision by the late Premier Jim Prentice, the decision by Premier Notley for funding for the Red Deer Airport, and the new Court House / Justice Centre, retaining ambulance dispatch in Red Deer, pay day lending restrictions resulting in the reduction of borrowing fees and other changes 
  • Continued advocacy on affordable housing needs, shelter space, and needed new and additional healthcare supports at Red Deer Regional Hospital
  • The lens to our environment with four pollinator parks in City Hall park, Bower Ponds, Maskepetoon, and Snell Gardens
  • Environmental initiatives such as using goats this past summer to manage invasive and noxious weeds, urban chicken licenses, and community garden spaces
  • The lens to emergency management planning and the ongoing reminder of business and households to prepare for emergencies with emergency kits and emergency plans; we were reminded in the June 2017 summer storm when neighbors and City of Red Deer staff came together to respond to the storm challenges
  • Looking to Urban Forest management in our parks and our streets with planting and tree replacement
  • Red Deer's first eco-industrial park with eco industrial lots for efficient resource use andsustainable industrial development 
  • Opening of two new fire stations with high intensity residential fire response time
  • Community Amenities survey and consulting with Red Deer citizens on prioritizing needed and wanted future community amenities for determination in City Capital budgets
  • Capital dollars for improvements to Riverbend Golf and Recreation area's Discovery Canyon for community and visitor enjoyment
  • Operating dollars support to major events such as the 2014 Cycling Tour of Alberta and the 2016 Memorial Cup bringing tourism and hospitality dollars into our community
  • Support and attendance at the 2016 Walking With our Sisters, a very moving commemoration for missing and murdered indigenous women.  Thank you to Red Deer's Red Feather Women for their community leadership.
  • Follow through and attention to dialogue and engagement with Red Deer citizens at events such as Let's Talk in April of  each year, the community Budget Bus with budget binders available at City public facilities, and Council members being at the summer Saturday Public Market during the term
  • Council establishing the process of providing budget guidelines to administration with parameters of operating budget limitations prior to Operating budget deliberations and decisions  
  • Council's operating budget decisions that directs tax dollars into an annual contribution to capital savings for future City capital projects
  • Council's value for money audits in City departments that examine City operations for efficiency, quality, and identifying ways to provide value for our tax dollars
  • Council's debt policy that restricts the City's debt level of the municipality to 75% of the maximum level established by Provincial regulation
  • Council finalizing the City Financial leadership framework providing communication and transparency to the public on City's finances and providing user friendly financial information and awareness to the public
  • Council's Capital Plan including a future Aquatic Centre established in the 20 year Capital plan
  • Dialogue with the community to continue with planning and prioritizing sports fields, ice needs and new sport sites such as pickleball
  • Community dialogue and advancing the cultural vision to provide a community multi-purpose cultural hub and performing arts location
  • Support for the downtown Ross Street patio with programs and entertainment for the community and visitors to experience
  • The Alcohol and Drug Strategy which drew upon community consultations in response to growing substance abuse in our community; the strategy includes prevention, crime reduction strategies and enforcement
  • The Social Policy Framework to evaluate and address community needs linked to Red Deer citizens social wellbeing, including community engagement, educational opportunities, equitable services, and access to services such as libraries, schools, parks, recreational facilities, transportation, and the internet, health and basic needs, housing, poverty prevention and reduction, jobs and wages, safety, social and cultural diversity, and community resilience
  • The Community Safety Strategy that brings together individuals, agencies, and organizations to work together to build on existing community assets and recognizing challenges and coordination of services for actions of community safety and crime prevention
  • The Environmental Master Plan and Council's leadership and commitment to goals and performance measures set for environmental performance for the air, water, land, energy, waste, the built environment, and transportation actions and decisions
  • Environmental initiatives such as LED (light emitting diode) street light replacement program which means LED street lighting lamps can be controlled and bringing energy efficiency 
  • Riverview Park slope stability measures taken along with Red Deer River
  • Riverlands redevelopment that will be a key district for our downtown; stay tuned for development including public spaces for the community to enjoy
  • The new Red Deer Arena is expected to open in the fall, 2018; it will be called the Servus Arena and another example of community partners sponsorship in accordance with the City's Naming Rights and Sponsorship policy 
  • Council's work with the Red Deer Native Friendship Society and support for the Asooahum Crossing housing development
  • Council's commitment to leading by example and fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion, including being a member of the Canadian Coalition of Municipalities against Racism and Discrimination and incorporating diversity into the City's strategic plan
  • Hosting the City's first "Welcoming Event" at City Hall for new citizens and Canadians to meet and greet with Council and City administration with the goal of understanding municipal government's role
  • Celebrating Red Deer's 2015 census with over 100,418 but with some moving out we are now home to a recorded 99,832 residents from the 2016 census - the average age of Red Deerians is 38 with a 48.3% female population and 47.7% male population
  • Red Deer's Identity project which included conversations with Red Deerians about setting Red Deer apart from other communities and promoting our City to attract new residents, business, economic development, welcoming visitors and tourism, and instilling community pride
  • Support for new community centres in Inglewood and ground breaking for the Northside Community Centre adjacent to the Glendale Skateboard park
  • New cross walk standards and 30 kilometre playground and school speeds for community safety
  • Renovations to the downtown Red Deer Public Library and operating budget support for the new Timberlands community library which opened September 2014
  • Expanding opportunities for citizens to connect with the City through online tools such as MyCity -
  • Provincial dialogue on the future of the Roland Michener Recreation Centre lands
  • Operating budget support for road maintenance including pavement repairs potholes, frost boil repair, sidewalk maintenance and bridge repair
  • Economic development support and working with the Downtown Business Association on business retention and attraction for our downtown
  • Council direction to city administration to explore options and opportunities, including changes to our community standards bylaw and enforcement practices, that will allow the City to address vacant and derelict properties throughout out community.  Rather than being vacant and unattractive, working with property owners, finding ways to improve economic development and the best use of property.


If re-elected, here are some ideas and priorities, I would bring to the next term of Council (in no particular order):

  1. senior transit pass, subsidies for low income riders similar to Alberta's larger cities, and efficiency of transit routes to encourage ridership

  2. adequate Action Bus services including additional Action Buses as our population increases

  3. lower fees for selected days at recreation facilities for citizens and families to enjoy

  4. continued safe city focus including enforcement, prevention, education and intervention, including ongoing dialogue with the RCMP Superintendent of Police to provide timely citizen response to property crime

  5. engaging with the community prior to Council members determining and reviewing the Annual Police Plan with the RCMP

  6. funding and support for back lane maintenance and annexed "rurban" rural/urban road maintenance

  7. regular review of snow and ice response, both during and following each season, to adjust and respond as needed

  8. as we see weather extremes including wind, heat or rain, municipal attention to drought and flood mitigation for safety and security of Red Deer citizens

  9. review and investment of electrical infrastructure for prevention and managing power outages and looking to new green energy initiatives 

  10. review and investment of water infrastructure for prevention and managing boil water advisories

  11. advancing the City's Multimodal Transportation Plan with the lens of safety and efficiency when a citizen chooses to drive, use transit, walk, and/or cycle as we all move through our City on our roads, sidewalks and trails

  12. keeping to the vision of Riverlands with green spaces, public and community spaces, and a vibrant residential and small business community  

  13. ongoing review of traffic light timing for improvements to traffic movement  

  14. working with community residents as we adapt to the carts system pick up for recycling and organics, as well as working with schools, public institutions and the business community as we expand recycling and organic pickup; all meaning less waste in our landfill and extending the landfill's duration

  15. looking to bylaw reviews, including an Animal Control bylaw with feedback from pet and non-pet owners

  16. with public feedback, adding and incorporating bee keeping in an urban setting with the Animal Control bylaw

  17. continued provincial and federal advocacy for affordable and social housing including responding to senior needs, whether aging in place or required long term care facilities

  18. continued provincial advocacy for necessary mental health supports and services and expanded services and needs at Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre

  19. continued provincial advocacy for a Red Deer or central Alberta treatment facility and continued conversations of community support for opioid crisis response including a health lens with treatment support 

  20. the continued focus of the health of our community, the pick up of needle debris and working with community agencies to implement a needle exchange program

  21. continued opportunities and working  throughout our community, with support to the Welcoming and Inclusive Community Network and initiatives for Council to support equality, combat racism, and promote respect for diversity with supporting organizations such as the Central Alberta Refugee Effort, Central Alberta Immigrant Women's Association  and other community groups

  22. Council engagement with Red Deer youth on municipal issues, either through a youth committee or other initiatives for them to understand and participate in municipal government;  Council listening and responding to their ideas and/or concerns; all with the goal of encouraging youth citizen participation.  How about a youth "Mayor for the Day" or youth "Councillor for the Day" event?

  23. continuing with the City's Environmental Master Plan, continued dialogue with Red Deer citizens with focus of meeting targets and progress for City and citizen actions and improvements to water, air, ecology, waste, transportation, energy, and our City's built environment.  And looking to the Urban Forest management plan for tree maintenance and replacement.

  24. Focus to advancing community arts and culture for the benefits of citizens and visitors which can spur economic development and a creative workforce, including a Red Deer cultural district.
  25. continuing to work to adapt and modernize municipal government for citizen participation and information sharing, interactions, communications, and operations such as "Notify Red Deer", however continuing to recognize that Red Deer citizens have preferred preferences in receiving information and doing business, depending on age, comfort and levels with social media

  26. Red Deer, joining with other Alberta municipalities, with response and changes to our work as a result of amendments to the Municipal Government Act (MGA) including regional collaborations and finding efficiencies for  tax dollars

  27. working together with neighbor municipalities that support inter-municipal collaboration with agreements or opportunities such as shared services, e.g. transit, renewable energy projects, and economic development through (CAEP) -  Central Alberta Economic Partnership

  28. support for 10 year Capital budget plan as budget decisions are prioritized, advancing the citizen priorities as identified in the 2015 community amenities survey along with ongoing dialogue, while at the same time balancing tax payer affordability and economic trends

  29. the continued focus of fiscal responsibility and accountability to our citizens when making taxation and budget decisions, prioritizing spending decisions, being responsive to current economic realities of recovery and growth,  taking advantage of opportunities for provincial and federal funding sources, and recognizing the decisions we make today, determine the Red Deer community  we will have in our future and Red Deer quality of life.

  30. and continuing to listen and respond to citizen issues and ideas to grow and advance our City over the next four years and into the future!


I'd like to hear from you, so please give me a call - 403-505-4256,
send an email - or message me on Twitter @DianWyntjes.