- Elected as City Councillor October 2010-2013 and re-elected October 2013-2017

- City Council committee experience:

    • Municipal Planning Commission
    • Community Housing Advisory Board
    • Audit Committee
    • RDRMUG - Red Deer Regional Municipal Users Group
    • RDRWA - Red Deer River Watershed Alliance
    • Nomination Committee
    • Greater Downtown Action Steering Committee
    • Tourism Red Deer
    • Urban Aboriginal Voices
    • Governance and Policy Committee
    • AUMA - Alberta Municipalities Association committees
    • Status of Women Task Force & Safe and Healthy Communities
    • FCSS Family and Community Support Services
    • Riverbend Golf and Recreation Society
    • Westerner Park Board 
    • Red Deer Subdivision and Development Appeal Board


- Central Alberta United Way Campaign cabinet and supporter

- Sunrise Rotary Club Member

- Alberta Labour Relations Board member

Past service and experience:

- Condominium Board member

- Governor General Conference Study 1990

- Red Deer College Alumni Board member 1988-1995

- Employment Insurance Board of Referees 1990-2010 & Ethics Working Committee

- Alberta Federation of Labour Board member & Human Resources Committee

- Red Deer and District Labour Council Board member

- 30 years labour relations and workers' advocate representation with the Canadian Union of Public Employees and as former Provincial Alberta Director


Municipal politics affects us each and every day.  And politics depends on your participation, not only at the ballot box on election day, but throughout the term of Council and Red Deer's future.

From first thing in the morning, we put on the light switch, we turn on our water tap or flush the toilet.  We drive through the City or take public transit.  We may call, email or drop by City Hall for services or receive a response to a question, concern or service requirement.  We may visit one of our many recreation centres or one of Red Deer City parks.  We may take a walk, run or wheel through the trail system.  We may take out a library card or visit the museum. It may be waste collection day in our community.  Hopefully we don't need necessary emergency services that day, calling upon our police or emergency services employees.  These are all municipal services.  And we have dedicated staff who are very proud of Red Deer and work diligently to deliver services each and every day. 

On October 16th you will be electing a City Council who is entrusted to make effective decisions, as Council balances the many competing needs with valued tax dollars to provide public services and as Red Deer provides quality of life for each of us.    

An effective Council for our City is a convergence of ideas, not only from the City Council members representing us at the Council decision making table, but through dialogue, engagement, listening and communicating with our citizens - from youth to seniors and from all corners of our City.   This can happen at organized meetings, events or forums, or through connections through telephone, email or when I'm out and about in our community.  And when an effective Council hears from our community, we look to response and resolution.  

As I listen and reflect on the last four years, here are a number of the priorities which reflect my vision for our community.

Please contact me if you'd like to discuss any of them.  


- The continued lens for a safer city in our neighborhoods and business communities as Council makes decisions on policing and enforcement services, with adequate resources and funding.

- Along with RCMP funding and supports for the women and men who respond to our safety challenges, continued support and funding for emergency services and municipal enforcement of bylaws and community peace officers and timely response, including advancing the City's Protective Services Division.

- Safety and policing is complex; recognizing the diverse safety needs with timely response to personal and property crime, serious and violent crime, traffic safety and downtown safety attention.

-  Along with enforcement, advancing city safety through community engagement and collaboration, prevention and education with response to mental health, violence in relationships and youth and family intervention, through the Community Safety Strategy.

- Municipal response and community engagement to the opioid crisis and adequate community preparation for cannabis legalization. 


- Continuing to seek adequate funding for needed housing supports from Provincial and Federal orders of Government and working to improve housing options throughout our City.

-  Attending to the health of our community by implementing local actions and support to agencies such as Central Alberta Poverty Reduction Alliance (CAPRA) and other community agencies who provide programs and support services to Red Deer's vulnerable citizens to improve the health of our community, with poverty reduction strategies affecting seniors, children, lone parent families, youth, people with disabilities, new immigrants, indigenous citizens and Red Deer families.

-  Recognition that underemployment and poverty are strongly linked and Council support for initiatives such as transit subsidies and working with the community to promote a Red Deer Living wage.  This includes championing local business who pay a living wage (currently calculated at $13.81 for a couple with two children, $14.10 for a single parent and one child and $13.68 for a single adult).

-  Through the City of Red Deer's Social Policy Framework,  Alcohol and Drug Strategy, and Community Safety Strategy, a continued focus of prevention, community safety and health and wellness in my decision making for quality of life for Red Deer residents.


- With the challenging provincial and local economy and lower municipal revenues from transit, recreation and development, the City of Red Deer has seen less than expected revenues this past year.  My decision making at the Council table will continue with responsible prioritization of tax dollars to services and appropriate decisions and actions in response to many competing municipal services, all within the lens of our local and provincial economy. 

- A Councillor and Council as a whole must have the health of the community in mind when making decisions - social and community well being, environmental and financial health of the City's finances.  

-  Managing utility costs and monitoring impacts of rate increases, to those financial levers which the City has control over.

- Affordability with municipal fees and charges such as transit fares, recreation fees and development service fees.

- Continuing to have Council and City operations look to innovation and efficiencies in the delivery of services. 

-  Continuing to access revenue grant dollars from Provincial and Federal orders of government.  


- Critical analysis of business recruitment and retention for Red Deer ventures at business parks, downtown and future business and residential development at Riverlands.

- Support, enhancement and promotion of Red Deer's arts and culture talents and activities that provides enjoyment throughout the community with attraction and attachment to Red Deer citizens and visitors.

- Continued planning and investment at local sport facilities as the City and community support the 2019 Canada Winter Games; an event that will leave lasting volunteerism, improved sport facilities and welcoming future sport events to Red Deer.

- Support for the Central Alberta Economic Partnership (CAEP), working with our regional communities; when there is development and tourism within Red Deer and throughout the region, the City of Red Deer and all of central Alberta benefits.  Red Deer must focus on our internal economic development and tourism and at the same time work with our regional partners; we are stronger together.

- Looking to the development of Riverlands and opportunities for Red Deer's new downtown, small business growth and mixed use neighborhood with riverfront public gathering space, residential development and restaurants and businesses and staying true to the conceptual development plan which came from community voices and vision.

- With the focus on Red Deer economic development, attention to  City efficient operations and innovations, always remembering citizen service.


- The message of looking after our water, air and land and conservation, always bears repeating as we advance the City's Environmental Master Plan. 

- The continued lens to the built environment of where we build, how we build and what we build through continued conversations with developers, construction customers  and citizens. 

- Accessing carbon tax dollars that can be returned to our City for reinvestment. 

- Attention to the remediation of brownfields and vacant and derelict properties and continued support for community gardens and City food forests and investment in the urban forest with tree planting and replacement following the 2017 summer storm(s).

- As the City launches the cart system for collecting recyclables and organic waste, working with residents and the business community to address challenges as we change our behaviour for waste reduction, all reducing waste to the landfill.  


- Continuing to expand on connection and engagement with citizens to advance civic participation and information sharing - all of us are smarter together as we listen and share ideas.

- Throughout the Council term, citizen conversations about competing municipal needs and wants, all within managing valued tax dollars.

-  Continued support for Red Deer and community initiatives as we build strong communities together as a welcoming and inclusive City, and as one of your City Councillors, standing up against intolerance and divisiveness. 

-  The City of Red Deer acknowledges the ancestral and traditional aboriginal territories of Treaty 6 and Treaty 7 nations and the Metis.  The Truth and Reconciliation findings will lead us to important community work with our indigenous community citizens.

- Working with non-profit community agencies to advance collaboration and social supports for vulnerable citizens, helping to address poverty reduction and housing needs.

- Ongoing relationships with community partners such as the Catholic, Public and Francophone School Districts, the Downtown Business Association,  Red Deer College, Westerner Park, the Red Deer District Chamber of Commerce, the Red Deer Welcoming and Inclusive Network and Urban Aboriginal Voices. 

- Advancing regional relationships with neighboring Counties and their elected Mayors and Councillors, including municipal collaboration when feasible, including cost sharing agreements and regional approaches. 


- Adequate, accessible and affordable transit with timely and frequent routes, all encouraging transit use, along with adequate action bus transit as our city grows.

- Through collaboration and coordination and working with community agencies through Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) and Community Housing Advisory Board (CHAB), making decisions of the allocation of federal and provincial funding flowing through the City for needed safe and affordable housing; also encouraging more coordination and collaboration of community agencies for impact and best value for our tax dollars rather than duplication of services.

- Continued attention to infrastructure maintenance and investment of core services including roads and maintenance, snow removal, necessary services of electricity, water, waste water and storm water management for resilience and weather and storm preparedness.

- support for maintained sidewalks and trail management with adequate lighting and safety, parks and recreation and turf management, efficiency of transit, support for libraries and literacy and community neighborhood initiatives.

-  As the city grows, continuing the work to address and reduce urban noise, including education and enforcement opportunities.

- With changes to the Municipal Government Act (MGA), response and compliance with MGA amendments.


- Following 20+ years of advocacy with the Province, a new Court House will be built downtown Red Deer as part of the Province's 2017 Capital Budget, providing timely and necessary court services.

- Equally important as justice, is needed provincial tax dollars to Red Deer Hospital expansion with upgrades to address waiting times for medical treatment,, not only for Red Deerians but all central Albertans.

- Intergovernmental dialogue with the provincial MLA's and Ministers and federal MP's to receive funding for safe and affordable housing needs, including funding for repairs and construction of affordable housing.

- Provincial engagement and supporting Red Deer College to achieve Polytechnic University degree status. 

- Advocating for provincial and federal funding for Urban Aboriginal initiatives such as housing and cultural support.

- Advocating for provincial funding support for a Red Deer and/or central Alberta Treatment Centre for alcohol and drug addiction as well as related issues of abuse, grief, trauma and mental health. 

-  continuing to access revenue grant dollars from provincial and federal orders of government, including Red Deer's share of carbon tax dollars for infrastructure and community investment.